Horn dialogue  conducts a few, highly focused programs aimed at engaging Youth in Horn of Africa in the addressing of specific concerns affecting them, as well as enabling their participation in the design of policies they may have a key stake in, and in influencing decisions in the development thereof.

The voices of young people are increasingly being heard in communities across Africa – in business, education, political and governance processes, service delivery, and in philanthropy. Sometimes young people struggle to be heard and, sometimes, they are invited to be part of development and evaluative processes. In an increasing number of cases, they are creating their own decision-making roles.

Research and our own experiences tell us that when young people have meaningful decision-making roles, stronger communities are built, and young people construct their own protective factors against risk . HDF will strive to ensure that young people participate in and have the opportunity to make decisions and they have a connection to this organization and the broader community. This is the philosophy that underpins the Horn dialogue foundation

HDF combines the concepts associated with positive youth led development with the principles of community organizing and active citizenship, to explain how youth development within our organization and the programmes that we develop and implement promote the creation and sustainability of effective programs and services for young people in Africa.


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