Our Objectives:

Where We Work

The Head Office of Horn Dialogue Foundation [HDF] is located in Denmark with main branches in Switzerland,Austria,Malta,Ethiopia,Sudan and Mogadisho,Hargaisa,Garowe in Somalia,

What we Do

  • Promote understanding of peaceful ways to resolve conflicts
  • Create opportunities for dialogue between divided communities
  • Strengthen peace building policies and practice
  • Support people to build Democracy

Why we do it

HDF Believes peace, security, democracy, good

governance, human rights, and social Development,investing future leaders

management as conditions for sustainable development

Violent conflict remains one of the world’s biggest challenges, causing physical destruction, death and mass displacement of civilians.  Violence disrupts our ability to live as we wish, to work and to learn. It prevents people realising their rights to food, water and security. It impedes economic development, wrecks the environment and it ruins lives.

Establishing a long-term, sustainable peace often requires a long process of supporting dialogue, repairing relationships, and addressing the underlying causes of conflict.   Working with all those involved in and affected by a conflict is critical to bring about a lasting change.

How We Build Peace

  • Genuine partnerships

In order to achieve a just and sustainable peace, local people must feel their concerns are being met and support the resolution of the conflicts which affect them. We have to work in partnerships with individuals and organisations to find lasting solutions to conflict. These relationships are characterised by mutual support, and two-way processes of challenge and learning.

  • Comparative learning and a tailored approach

Each conflict is unique – there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution. We work with local people to understand each situation and tailor our approach accordingly.

Areas of Intervention

Horn Dialogue Foundation  [HDF] intervenes into 3 main areas; Contribution of Democracy & Peace, Social Development & Invest Future leaders and Education for Disadvantaged Communities 

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