Our Organization Strucrure


  • The General Assembly is the highest governing organ of the organization. All the powers of the organization-shall be vested in the General Assembly. The General Assembly has all the bonfide members and other contributors of the organization
  • The General Assembly on the recommendation of the board of directors shall support the chief executive officer and other senior management staff in every respect.
  • The organ shall determine the Budgets and programs and total suspension and money received from donors and the funds authorized for projects/programs


The Board of Directors is the organ of the organization that is responsible for the management affairs of the organization, formulates policies and assures implementation of the Projects/programs .The board consist of the Directors of all the department and two chief



The Advisory Committee has not less than six persons appointed by the General Assembly of whom two shall represent founder members and four shall represent experts in science /technology, management, finance and the area of operation of the organization


  • Horn Dialogue Foundation is managed by a care of well trained, highly motivated, hardworking and dedicated men and women who are totally professional and not distracted by outside interests.
  • The organization structure determines the extent to which plans are implemented in that it identifies functions to implement different activities .

The structure to drive this strategic plan is presented here below.




    • thanks Romano. if we want to see changes and live in a socially just, inclusive and sustainable world we have to take action. Strengthening the value of dialogue – which is the starting point of any change – is definitely a necessary investment in our future.

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